1. Dylan the Dog

  2. Pontiac Firebird

  3. Saucy Stingray

  4. photojojo:

    i can haz?

    White Leica M8 Made of Legos

    By H. Y. Leung; via Liz Dalay; PetaPixel


  5. Photos from todays walk


  6. Making a Veggie Chilli - In pictures

    You will need - 

    2 tbsp olive oil
    1 large onion ( finely chopped) 
    1 small red onion ( diced )
    2 garlic cloves ( crushed) 
    2 tbsp tomato Puree
    1 tin chopped tomatoes
    1 tin butter beans
    1 tin kidney beans
    pinch of sugar
    pinch of chilli
    1 tsp oregano

    Something to go with it ( rice, potatoes , tortilla wraps etc ) 

    1. Heat the olive oil in a pan and heat the onion for 5 minutes

    2 . add the chilli and garlic and wait 3 minutes

    3 . add the tomatoes, puree , sugar , herbs , and simmer for ten minutes.

    4. blend the sauce with a hand blender and add the beans. simmer for another 10 minutes.

    5 . serve with rice , or chips or whatever. I chose to serve with a jacket potato ,  grated cheese , chopped red onion , sour cream , and salsa.  Add chilli flakes if not hot enough

    6. open a beer and enjoy 

  7. Todays macro #2


  8. Back to Blogging

    I havent Blogged in a very long time and when I did, I didnt blog much . However as I continue wander closer and closer towards certain lethargy now I have graduated , its prudent I get back into the swing of things.

    So first off, Bye Tumblr! …. well ill say that soon when I can get a better blog integrated into my site sorted.

    In the mean tide , aside from my thwarted attempts to launch myself into music and portrait photography , I am now taking it upon myself to set myself regular photo projects to create a series of collections throughout the year, this will comprise of a  macro shot a day for the year , a photo walk a week , a new project a month , and a yearly series documenting life in nottingham ( the specific theme of which remains undetermined) but I do know ill be shooting in 35mm film.

    Heres my first shot for my macro collection of a busy bee.  

  9. Some Photos from Maccabees and La Shark , forgot to upload these ages ago.

  10. Having a listen to Charlene Soraia for admittedly the first time as i should have a pass for her on thursday. Turns out shes pretty awesome.


  11. Samtana- The Santana tribute act

    This weekend I was lucky enough to film a band all day. It was a great experience being able to cover it from all angles and these guys really put on a good show, as you can imagine to have a worthwhile Santana tribute band they’ve really got to know their stuff. I managed to sneak a snap in-between songs which i felt came out not too terrible. Its a nothing special pic apart from the fact its the first one with my new sigma 24-70 2.8 lens. I cant wait to try it out properly on thursday. Samtana can be found on here#


  12. New photo book on the way!

    Just sent off for my new photo book from blurb and im very excited. The book features a collection of my favourite work over the last year and will be a great keepsake for a few years down the line. I made the book using the new Lightroom 4 feature which i recommend highly. The ease of use is very satisfactory and you get a great range of options for print.Should arrive in a week or so and if im lucky my new business cards will be here by tomorrow!
         Chances are itll just be me and mum owning a copy of the book but should anyone else like one they’re going for 20 pounds :)